VEGA 4T 15W-50

Synthetic Based-Four-Stroke Motocycle Engine Oil 

Description :

Full synthetic engine oil formulated for four stroke motocycles engines that provides powerful protection, flawless performance, unique lubrication. 

Applications :

Suitable for use in all type of air and watercooled engines of four-stroke motocycles and scooters where an API SG and JASO MA level performance is recommended. 

Features  :

  • Prolongs engine life, provides perfect protection against wear and corrosion. 
  • Provides efficient lubrication in every temperatura varyings. 
  • Ensures oil and fuel economy, prevents deposit formation.
Typical Physical and Chamical Characteristics
K.Viskozite, K.Viscosity, 40 C mm /s ASTM D 445 145
K.Viskozite, K.Viscosity 100 C mm /s ASTM D 445 19.1
Viskozite İndeksi, Viscosity Index   ASTM D 2270  152
Parlama Noktası, Flash Point   C  ASTM D 92 226

Specified values are our typcal characteritics